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Horsham has been rocked by 'American Idiot'

Horsham, Victoria - 15 October 2023 - the Wimmera’s premiere amateur performing arts group has been rocking the Horsham community with the punk rock musical, American Idiot by Grammy-award winning band, Green Day.

24 cast members: American Idiot the Musical

This weekend, from October 12 at the Horsham Town Hall, the cast and production members of the Wimmera’s premiere amateur performing arts group volunteered their time to present a raved-about rock opera that is a true representation of youth in post-9/11 suburban USA. Featuring hit songs based on the album American Idiot by Grammy award-winning band, Green Day, the production supported Beyond Blue, donating the ticket proceeds. Performing five shows, the curtains went down with a standing ovation for the 24 cast members of American Idiot at last night's closing show. Doting audience members were encouraged to wear blue in support of Beyond Blue.

"Holy cow, this is THE best HAC show I’ve seen! Amazing, amazing talent, sets/props were great & band was awesome! Well done to everyone both on & off stage!", said Jan Dunlop. While Lauren Wiggins said, "amazing as always HAC! I You all killed it! Congratulations! The cast, band, sound, light, costume, makeup, hair, visuals - THE BEST!"

Brittany Bates, Principle Coloursist at Steph Meyer & Co - Horsham, has been volunteering her time as 'hair director', and played the part of “Heather" in the production. Excited to be involved, and explore new creative stylist opportunities as a first-time hair director, “This is my first time working as a hair director”, Brittany said. “It’s been an excitingly nerve-wracking time to test my creativity as a stylist having designed the hair for each character and ensemble member, work with the creative team (makeup and costume) to create a vision to coincide with each element”.

Brittany who has been involved, and performed with the Horsham Arts Council from a young age, worked with 24 'American Idiot' performers. She said she is particularly grateful for her friend and colleague, Jodie Saunders, whom helped her secure the role, “I’ve been involved with the Horsham Arts Council (HAI) since 2015 as a cast member”, said Brittany. “Over the years, I’ve worked within the hair team alongside Jodie - alumni Hair Coordinator for HAI".

Brittany and her two hair and makeup creative partners said they have drawn inspiration for early 2000s, grungy styles from Pinterest “I was one-year-old in 2001 [when the production is set] so I took to Pinterest to get some inspiration for my designs”.

Using the Studio at Steph Meyer & Co, Brittany and the team created an individual look for each of the 24 cast members that she says involved a lot of hair gel, bleach and fun bright hair dyes.

"It’s beautiful to have the connection with other local stylist to be on board for volunteering their time to be a part of this journey. I’m genuinely appreciative to have this opportunity and grateful to the creative team and my hair team for their time, ideas and support."

American Idiot is the story about three disaffected [by 9-11] young best mates played by band members Jed Prouse (Johnny), NAME (Jimmy), and Darcy Hogan (Will). Fleeing a stifling suburban lifestyle and parental restrictions, while Will stays in their hometown with his pregnant girlfriend. Tunny quickly gives up on life in the city, joins the military and is shipped off to war. Johnny turns to sex and drugs and finds a part of himself that he grows to dislike, meeting St. Jimmy, his alter ego and a physical representation of his addiction. Throughout the show, Will becomes depressed and belligerent, refusing to engage with his child, and Tunny is injured in a war zone. American Idiot examines the issues that affect young men, and the way that their rage and love affects the communities around them.

The remaining cast included six backing vocalists and an ensemble for a five-performance Grace Borgas (piano), Lee Wallis (bass), Mark Block (guitar), Tony Block (guitar) and Josh Young (drums). The production was a huge success, receiving standing ovations from the engaged audience.

Find out more about Horsham's Arts Council including future productions at


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