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Interview with Breanna Allen! Steph Meyer & Co - St Kilda Manager!

Welcome to this week’s blog. We’re taking a bit of a different swing on things this edition. We thought it would be fitting to introduce Breanna as the brand-new manager of Steph Meyer & Co – St Kilda. Now, we know she’s been around a while now but thought it would be fun to get to know her a little better! So, let’s start at the beginning…

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from? How long have you been a hairdresser?

I grew up in beautiful Mildura, Victoria. I moved to the big city after I finished year 12, to grow my career. I've been working in salons since the day I could start working (15 years old). I always knew I'd be a hairdresser so was eager to start working. I've been qualified for two years.

What was your inspiration to become a hairdresser?

When I was little, I was a dancer. Each year we had end of year concerts – I looked forward to them so much. Every dancer in the academy would have their hair braided for the concerts and as the years went on, I became more excited to have a long que of girls to braid, than to be dancing on stage. That was sign number one that I belong in the hairdressing community and my passion only grew from there.

Your first sign was definitely a strong one! Tell us about a particular moment in your career that stands out for you… In my final year of my apprenticeship, I entered my first hair competition. Braiding (of course) and came first! This only got me more excited to take each year to another level!

Obviously a very talented and passionate hairdresser, what tips/tricks can you pass on to up-coming stylists? Patience is key. No one can pick up a skill overnight, so take your time and be a perfectionist when it comes to learning a new technique

Where do you find the latest hair trends? Vogue magazine! Without a doubt! It’s full of high fashion icons, and global events throughout the year that showcase current and upcoming trends.Very dedicated reader, right here! Who is your ultimate hair icon and why? Oh, I couldn't pick just one. Everyone’s look is personalised to their face, skin and features - that's what great about blondes! No two blondes are the same.

If you could choose, which celebrity would you like to create a new style for? Margo Robbie: her dark roots are iconic and bright blonde ends are working in her favour, however I'd love to see the bob come back!

You’ve climbed the ladder from apprentice to qualified hairdresser, and now salon manager in just two years (what a woman!). Tell us, what isthe most important thing in becoming a successful hairstylist and managing a salon? Being professional and approachable goes a long way. Honestly, taking the client along the journey. More often than not, the client is interested in what we're doing behind their head so I like to talk them through what I’m doing and show them the progress as we go. I love when clients ask me questions so I can share my expertise with them but also make them feel comfortable and relaxed with what I’m doing. And of course, making hair-health the first priority, every time.

Apart from super talented hairdressers, what do you think makes a salon great? Making every client feel like a VIP but also treating them as a friend. I love getting to know my clients. Making a salon great is about creating a relaxing, stress-free zone for clients to enter and enjoy some down time, and come away feeling refreshed and energised.

Summer is about to be in full-swing, which means heat and humidity. What would be your top tip on how to handle summer hair problems? Using the right home-care products plays a big part. Start with a good anti-frizz and moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Hair oils and serums are great to upkeep the hairs moisture levels too. As soon as the hair gets too dry, it will often want to expand and frizz. Otherwise, consider using a curl product and embrace the hairs natural movement.

Debunk the biggest hair myth you’ve heard. Your hair needs frequent trim in order for it to grow. This is very true. If you're growing your hair, you need to keep the ends of your hair healthy, otherwise you'll be fighting against the ends splitting and breaking, and therefore your hair will become shorter, rather than longer.

What’s one hair product you can’t live without? BlondMe mask! This product works miracles on hair that's prone to tangle, not to mention the glossy weightless finish. I love and use BlondMe on my own hair, and have only had good feedback when recommending it to my clients.

And that about sums us up ladies, thanks so much for your time Breanna. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our beautiful Breanna – new manager of Steph Meyer & Co – St Kilda. If you have any questions about haircare that you’ve been dying to ask a professional hairdresser, comment below and Breanna will be an open book!


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