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It’s time for you to be blown away!

It’s time for you to be blown away. Have you got a big date planned with your partner (or the girls) for Valentine’s Day? We were thinking we could double-date. Not in the way that we’ll crash your special day/ evening, but more so that we want to see you first for a blow wave and chill! What do you think?

Come in relax with a champagne, hot or refreshing beverage on us as your let your locks down and let us work our magic.

We will start by giving your hair an amazing, thorough wash and relaxing head massage that will leave you melting in your chair. While you drift away feeling fantastic and reflecting on your massage for a moment, we will apply a basin mask to revitalise your hair (and leave it smelling delicious!).

Next, come on over to the mirrors and tell us about the style and look you’re after. A light layer of heat protectant – repair rescue and get ready to be blown away!

Feel your incredibly soft and bouncy hair once we’ve perfected your look using nothing but premium luxury products; ready for your love to love your hair.

A date is even better when someone else pays, true?

We’re giving away a luxury blow-wave in each location, Horsham & St Kilda to spread the love over Valentine’s weekend. Would you like that lucky person to, be you? Head to our Facebook or Instagram for the details & to enter. Entries close Thursday 11th, winners drawn Friday 12th.

Much love, Steph Meyer & Co.


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