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Hello there! I'm Steph, the passionate owner and creative director of Steph Meyer & Co.


My hair journey began in 2010 in Horsham, and over the past thirteen years, it's been one exhilarating and enjoyable adventure. Along the way, I've had the pleasure of meeting incredibly talented hair gurus who continue to inspire and motivate me to this day!


In 2018, I fulfilled my dream of opening our first boutique hair studio in St Kilda, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional hair services for our beautiful guests. Setting ourselves apart from traditional salons, we offer personalized one-on-one experiences and specialize in blondes, balayage, and styling.


With the success and love from our clients, we expanded the business in 2021 by opening a second location in my hometown, Horsham.


I can't wait to welcome you to our salons and create a stunning hair experience tailored just for you! Let's embark on this beautiful hair journey together! 


Hey I am Shannon, I have been in the hairdressing industry for 6 years and have a passion for blondes and balayage! I am a Principle Colourist at SM&CO Horsham!

I am beyond excited to apply my knowledge and create beautiful colour work for you!

I am based at Steph Meyer & Co Horsham and I look forward to seeing you in the salon!


Hey I'm Sophie, my journey with hair began in 2010 and I love all things hair but I mostly love lived in blondes and soft balayage.

I am an Executive Colourist at SM&CO in Horsham and work late nights Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & a full day Saturday!

Can't wait to see you in the salon xx


Hey I'm Brittany, I started in the hair industry when I was 14 as a salon assistant, soon after I completed my apprenticeship and have been qualified now for over 3 years.

I am a Executive Colourist at SM&CO - Horsham and I enjoy creating beautiful blonde, balayage and styling hair. I am really grateful I get to work one on one with my clients to create a connection, make them feel appreciated, understood and beautiful inside and out. 

See you in the salon xx

Emma 2.jpg

Hey I'm Emma, My hairdressing journey began in Ireland 8 years ago. After I qualified, I moved to the UK and continued my career there as a stylist for 4 years.

I went travelling around Southeast Asia for a few months in 2022 and then decided to come to Melbourne in December.

My passion is colour, I love getting creative and making people feel beautiful. 

I am based in the St Kilda salon! see you there! xx 


Hey I'm Larnie and I am a fully qualified colourist at Steph Meyer and Co in Horsham.

I am excited to work along side Steph and the team and expand my skills and knowledge on all things colour, cutting and styling. 

See you in the salon xx

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