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4 Signs You’re Burning Out!

It is time to come up for a breath. Hallelujah!

After a busy festive season - like our hairdryers, straighteners or curling irons we can burn out. It is essential to recognise the signs to avoid burnout.

But what is it? There are a few different types, but we're talking about occupation burnout; the type of exhaustion that might identify whether it's time to book in some leave with your manager.

"Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress" is probably the most straightforward definition of occupation burnout. There are so many wonderful things we love about hairdressing, but having to be switched on, on your feet all day, using your arms and bending can seriously take its toll! Trust me, you're not alone!

Do you resonate with these four signs? Because Virgin Australia is having a sale! 😉

1. Are you disengaged?

You know when your favourite client is talking about what she wore to her gala ball on the weekend. Usually, you'd be right into the conversation, but this time you can feel your mind drifting away like in a TV show. The screen goes fuzzy, the sound of her voice fades further away until someone continuously calls your name or snaps their fingers at you?

2. Exaggerated emotions

Burnout can lead to irritability (we are all too familiar with this one, aren't we ladies? *cough, monthly*). But if you're finding yourself snapping at your co-workers, friends or family - not just the "lucky" man in your life, you might be feeling this burnout symptom. Normal daily routine or duties like getting up, driving to work, looking at your client schedule for the day may make you feel irritated or tasks even impossible.

3. Social Isolation

If you're on the couch on a Saturday night watching MAFS catch up's and eating ice-cream from the tub with a dessert spoon instead of at your friend's birthday it's probably time to put down the spoon, grab the hairbrush, your go-to outfit and call an Uber!

Although burnout and depression are different, the symptoms are very similar. Studies have led to the belief that burnout can lead to depression. A significant sign of depression is isolation, and once you get into this cycle, it's challenging to bring yourself back out.

4. Physical changes

And we're not just talking about the physical effects of the ice-cream (not judgement by the way! Replace MAFS with Friends, and I'll be there for you!)

Your body is designed to take stress, but only for a short while. Long term stress can lead to a lower immune system which leaves you more susceptible to colds/flu. It can also cause neck pain, headaches, stomach pains, decreased appetite, insomnia and more. Or in our case, permanent hairdryer claw!

As a salon owner, I think I speak for all owners when I say – burnout is a thing! Don't ever feel like you're inconveniencing the business if your workload is too much. We have all been there, and it's crucial to communication open and honestly with management and co-workers so we can look after each other.

Switch off the noise. When you're on a break, go outside – step away from the hairdryers. And don't take your phone. Remove yourself from the screen & social media temptation. Go for a quick walk, meditate, people watch - let your mind switch off to recoup.

Learn to say no. When you start feeling like you're taking on too much, you probably are. It's ok to say no. We need to know the limit to make sure you're not pushed over it.

Delegate tasks – share the load. Mentally & physically - that's what a team is for.

Book a holiday or weekend away to catch up, recharge and you will be back feeling yourself in no time!

If you feel like you're experiencing burnout or depression, our door is always open. Alternatively, contact Beyond Blue or Lifeline 13 11 14.

Steph Meyer & Co xx


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