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7 Essential Hair Products You Should Have on Your Santa Christmas List

Are you stuck for Christmas list this year? These 7 products should be at the very top of it.

Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME

They say every blonde needs a brunette best friend and although that might be true, every blonde's real BFF is Schwarzkopf BLONDME care

I'm blonde, and I'm a hairdresser. Of all the hundreds, if not thousands of blonde products in the world, I have personally done a lot of trial & error testing for you (you're welcome).

BLONDME not only guarantees perfect hair quality with the specially developed Advanced Bonding System, and now you can take it home. Catering for all blondes, the Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo adds moisture to your hair, followed by the conditioner – you can’t look after your blonde better – or can you! To make it evenbetter, you can get the Keratin Restore Bonding Mask recommended for use twice a week.

Products in this range will set you back $33 and can be found at Steph Meyer & Co. The price of a bottle of wine shared with your bestie.

Evy Pro Styler

Curly hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair? The Evy Pro Styler 1 inch professional flat styling iron will protect your hair with the uniquely developed Mineral Infused Technology which locks in the moisture for the incredible, silky smooth salon finish you crave. If you're anything like me, I can't leave the house without a quick hair touch up! The Evy Pro Styler heats up to 220 degrees in just 60 seconds - perfect when I'm in a rush... oh, and did I mention it turns itself off in 60-minutes if you don't use it? Also perfect for those times I'm in a rush and forget to turn it off!

Complete with a heat-proof travel bag, you won't go anywhere without it.

Price $189 - worth every penny

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Do you have blonde-goals but scared of the damage? b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a clinically proven treatment that will not only leave you feeling like you’re on a slow-motion advertisement when you run your fingers through your hair – it literally repairs broken bonds in the hair! But we’re not talking damage justfrom colouring & chemical services, we’re talking the whole picture – daily styling, heat, stress, environmental, the whole shebang!

Kela Hair Jewellery

Who would've thought the hair accessory industry could come back from the revolutionary butterfly clips -made famous by Brittney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sabrina the teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart? Well, it definitely has (thank goodness). Kela Hair Jewellery is such a fantastic alternative to a necklace or earrings. With the silicon, non-slip technology, Kela's beautiful pieces don't fall out or get stuck trying to remove them (unlike our old butterfly friends).

The full range of hair accessories and jewellery including charms, chains, crowns, hairpins and pendants will complete any style, hair length and outfit. A great gift idea for friends & family too.

Prices range from $15-120 online at Kela.

Schwarzkopf Osis Session Styling Sea Salt Spray

Coming into Summer doesn't just mean Pina Coladas on StKilda beach, tanning sessions and sunshine, it means 'let's be carefree'. The Schwarzkopf Osis Session Styling sea salt spray lets you rock 'I've just been for a swim' salt hair, beach look we all want, but don't actually want to put our hair under to get. Sprayed over wet hair, leave it to dry or rough it up with a hairdryer to create an effortless full boost and voluminous look. Ideal for any hair colour or length.

You can find at Steph Meyer & Co for $33

Mason Pearson Paddle Brush

In the great words of Chazz Michael Michael's in Blades of Glory, "I swear to God, I couldn't love a human baby as much as I love this comb".

Every stroke of this brush will make you feel like a unicorn. Mason Pearson premium British designed brushes have an air cushion that is so soft on your scalp and the boar/ bristles help reduce damage and promote longevity of use.

The iconic wooden handle edition is hard to come by these days but we managed to track some down at Adore Beauty.

Ikoo Detangle Brush

There is so much detail that has gone into the design of this brush. It takes the frustration and pain out of brushing the knots from your hair. They come in a range of matte and metallic coloursand mini versions called Paddle X Pops perfect for your handbag or travel.

Find at Steph Meyer & Co for $45

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