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Comfort over fashion - What should I wear to the hair salon?

Updated: Feb 6

Something not often thought about when visiting a salon, is what to wear. To be comfortable, and more specifically, to create InstaWorthy images of your stunning hair. So, if you’re interested in featuring on our socials, this is what we look for.

1. Black, white, grey or nude

We love plain black tops as a contrast to highlight your blonde, but plain grey, white and nude are also great so we can photograph the hair best on a plan and neutral background. Patterns and colours on clothing can be distracting which shifts the focus and voids the purpose of the image.

2. No hoodies or skivvy-like tops

Hoodies, skivvy or high-necked tops can restrict access to your hair, which, for us, can create a few difficulties or challenges. It’s easier for us to work on a flat surface, meaning, no hoods or materials getting in the way. It also reduces the risk of getting an colour on your clothes and creates an even surface for us to create the best and most even hair cut possible. Remember, when you're wearing a jumper, as soon as the colour goes on, you're not getting that jumper off until we can rinse it out! haha

3. Jacket or cardigan

The last thing you want to do after spending a small fortune on your hair, is pulling a jumper over it and making it flat! We recommend wearing a jacket that opens in the front, with a zip or buttons or a cardi so after your hair is done, you don't ruin your fresh blow wave or curls. A jacket also makes it easier if you get too hot or too cold during your appointment, no need for awkward tricks to get a jumper on/off with colour on your hair.

4. Be comfy

As you know, your colouring sessions can sometimes be lengthy. A few hours in a chair, you want to be comfy! We suggest wearing activewear, or comfortable pants. Definitely don’t OPT for your tightest, skinny jeans, they might look amazing but there is no need for fashion over comfort in this scenario.

These suggestions all might seem pretty straight forward but little things can make a world of difference. So next time you visit us at Steph Meyer & Co St Kilda or Horsham, comfort over fashion is what we preach!

Steph & the team



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