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Hair Care Resolutions 2019

Review Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Proper hair care begins with the basics, so you should take a look at which shampoos and conditioners you’re using – and identify whether they’re best suited to your hair type. The right shampoo and conditioner will make your hair healthier, and make it easier to style and maintain too.

If your hair feels dry and brittle, look for shampoos that contain nourishing natural oils. These moisture-rich formulas will repair and replenish your thirsty tresses!

If your hair is fine, you’ll benefit from a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add body.

Those with oily or greasy hair should use a gentle cleansing shampoo that’s designed to balance sebum production at the scalp. They usually contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, cotton or clay.

Got curls? A lightweight, anti-frizz shampoo will leave them looking more defined – with added bounce!

If you’ve got colour-treated hair, you’ll need a shampoo that’s going to keep it looking vibrant in-between salon visits. Use a specially formulated shampoo that’s designed to seal in colour.

Anti-dandruff shampoos will soothe dry and itchy scalps. These are usually gentle, but they can dry out your hair at the tips if you’re not careful; use a nourishing conditioner on your ends to prevent any damage.

And remember; since shampoos and conditioners are usually formulated to work best together, you’ll get better results by sticking to one brand.

Lower the Temperature

Yes, steaming hot baths and showers are tempting – especially at this time of year – but they’re not what’s best for your hair. Washing your hair in water that’s too hot can strip away oil from the scalp, which leaves hair dry and prone to breakage. So, if you really want healthier hair this year, turn the temperature down a notch.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Switching up your style is fun, but it’s important to give your hair a break every now and then. Hot styling tools like straighteners and curling tongs are fine to use on occasion, but not every day (the same goes for your hairdryer). Prevent your hair from becoming dry and damaged by going heat-free a for few days each week.

And when you do use hot styling tools:

Choose good quality products. Tools that use ceramic, tourmaline or titanium materials are better options. Ceramic plates reduce static electricity without harming fragile or damaged hair. Tourmaline styling tools evenly distribute heat along the hair shaft which can protect it from future damage. Titanium provides the smoothest surface available and remains hot for longer; you can style your hair quickly and be left with more shine and hold.

Limit the heat. Whatever your hair type, your styling tools don’t need to be any warmer than 200°C (around 400°F) for you to achieve a statement ‘do. If your hair is fine or damaged, you should always set your styling tools to the lowest setting. The thicker and stronger your hair is, the higher the temperature can be.

Always apply a heat protectant spray beforehand. Thermal protection sprays limit the damage by creating a protective shield over the hair cuticles (i.e. the outermost part of the hair shaft). Heat protectants hydrate and even seal in moisture too, so you’ll be left with bouncier, healthier-looking hair after blow drying.

Look After Your Scalp

When we talk about hair care, people typically forget about the scalp. A healthy scalp is essential if you want strong and healthy hair, so this year, make a point of looking after yours! Gently cleanse your scalp with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any build-up and bacteria. And if your scalp is feeling dry and itchy, restore moisture by massaging a natural oil into it (a coconut and tea tree oil mix will work wonders).

Treat Your Hair from Within

To achieve truly healthy hair, you need to make sure you’re eating a nutrient-rich diet packed with fruit and veg. You should also stay properly hydrated by drinking the recommended 2 litres of water every day.

Studies have shown that proper nutrition is instrumental in the production of healthy hair. Conversely, nutritional deficiencies can contribute to hair loss. Your healthy hair diet should include:

Protein-rich foods like milk, eggs, chicken, beef, almonds and broccoli. Since your hair is made up of the protein keratin, it’s one of the most important nutrients to promote hair growth and strength.

Eggs also contain the b vitamin biotin, which is essential for the production of keratin. B vitamins help to give hair strength, flexibility and shine. Whole grains, meat, fish and dark, leafy greens are all good sources of vitamin B.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy cell growth. Vitamin A also helps skin glands to produce sebum, which keeps the scalp moisturised. Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and kale all contain beta carotene, which the human body then converts into vitamin A. Animal products like meat, fish, eggs, milk and yoghurt are high in vitamin A too.

Iron helps red blood cells to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Your hair follicles and roots depend on this nutrient-rich blood supply to function properly. Iron is found in red meat, chicken and fish, as well as vegetables and legumes including lentils, spinach and leafy greens.

Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron. It’s also used to produce collagen, the connective tissue that’s found within hair follicles. Foods rich in vitamin C include blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, kiwi fruits, strawberries and sweet potatoes.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon and mackerel are known to support hair growth. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce hair loss and increase hair density, even for those with thinning hair.

Get the Right Cut and Colour

Sometimes, you’ve just got to leave it to the professionals. If you’ve been known to give yourself a quick trim or experiment with a few DIY dye kits, now’s the time to redeem yourself by booking an appointment with your stylist. They’re the ones who’ll be able to identify how healthy your hair is now – and tend to it accordingly! Your BFF’s may be great in a crisis, but they’re not the ones to call if you fancy bleaching your hair or getting a few layers chopped in.

Wish you all a happy new year, filled with fun and adventure – and gorgeously healthy hair!


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