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Hair Colour Trends 2018

This season, soft, lived-in shades are the rage. Even bottle blonde has a shimmering, translucent twist.

Because styling is heading in a more natural direction with ‘less is more’, the key to great hair this summer is a natural shine. This can be achieved by always using a treatment with your colour. "I love BlondMe treatments for maximum shine for all my clients" - Steph Meyer


Think you knew bleach-blonde? Think again. Translucent, shimmering , icy platinum has suddenly skyrocketed in popularity. The development of protective treatments applied during the lightening process makes the change more achievable than ever before, although the age-old issue of regrowth remains.

If a major blonde moment is on your horizon, commit fully. This one isn’t for the low-maintenance type of girl, think regrowth touch-ups every four to five weeks and deep conditioning treatments and purple toning shampoo.


Pastel colours and more vibrant acid brights are now achievable thanks to both in-salon options and home-kit colours making temporary adjustments simple. Most desirable? Soft, almost washed-out shades.

I suggest asking for a toner adjustment if you’re blonde and keen to try the trend. “A perfect way to embrace the pastel trend without being too out there is with babylights (soft blended highlights) to keep light around the face and going with more of a beige toner with just a hint of rose gold or pastel pink through the ends.


Single-shade colours are still an option. Brunettes are beautiful chocolate.

Hair contouring, or using carefully placed, slightly lighter tones to flatter your features is ideal for brunettes. You can also mix things up by using two slightly different reflects or levels through the ends of the hair to create more movement without having to go blonder or darker.


A ’70s vibe brought squarely up to date, the golden blonde with slightly deeper beige tones woven between is for this summer. Whether your starting point is blonde or brunette, it’s easy to adopt this look and having some lighter sections around the face can be supremely flattering.

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