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I do my hair toss, Check my nails. Baby how you feelin'? Feeling good as hell.

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Have you ever looked at Delta Goodrem, Katy Perry and even Kim Kardashian that seem to have perfectly bouncy, full hair no matter the length? Well, SPOILER

ALERT - it's not just the amazing stylists they have behind the scenes, it's hair extensions!

We have recently been on a the hunt to increase the services to our fantastic clients. We're talking glam ways to make you feel confident without the uneasy nervousness of permanent dramatic changes.

Here are five reasons we chose hair extensions, and why you should try them too!

1. Length (extensions for short hair)

Have you recently cut your hair and missing your long locks? or maybe you've dreamt of long hair, but it doesn't naturally grow fast enough. Hair extensions are pretty self-explanatory - they extend the length of your hair! You want longer hair - boom, 30 minutes and you've got it!

2. Full & Bouncy (extensions for thin hair)

Let's add body, and let's add bounce.

Not only do extensions do just that, adding more hair will make your existing hair thicker and fuller. We'll be using only premium human hair extensions to ensure your thin hair becomes voluminous. And give you the perfect natural blend to complete your look.

3. Less maintenance (hair extensions for ponytail)

Delta Goodremoften rocks the hair extensions ponytail look, and damn does she rock it! The effortless ponytail or messy bun will become your new go-to style when you have the length & body to complete these low maintenance looks.

4. Opportunity for natural growth

With less pressure to style, your hair every day means less heat being applied and drying it out. Think as though you're giving your hair up to a years holiday, maximising the opportunity for natural growth, and strengthen the follicles.

5. Freshen your look without dramatic permanent changes

Does anyone else often feel bored with their look and scroll through Instagram endlessly trying to find the perfect colour or new styles? 🙋‍♀️ Guilty! Hair extensions are a great way to try new techniques you couldn't or wouldn't have thought to try before. Cuts, colours, ombre, styles could freshen your look without having to make any permanent changes or damaging your natural hair.

We are all about caring for your hair without damaging. To do so, we carefully considered how extensions are applied to your hair to look natural, feel comfortable with no damage.


Sourced from Melbourne, our new Integra luxury extensionspremium human hair extensions will take 30 minutes to apply with non-damaging, invisible tapes.


Fourteen colours to choose from, including a cut and style, will make sure your new hair will look as natural as your own!


We'll run you through how to care for your new extensions to make sure you're comfortable with how to get the most out of them.

You'll be leaving Steph Meyer & Co. like,

I do my hair toss

Check my nails

Baby how you feelin'?

Feeling good as hell.

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