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Introducing our Emerging Stylist Larnie!

Larnie is the newest addition to the Steph Meyer & Co team at our Horham studio. Starting her hairdressing career at just 16 years old, Larnie joins us today as a third year apprentice, and to tell us about herself. Sit back with a beverage and join us by scrolling through everything, Larnie.

Steph: Hey Larnie, it’s such a pleasure to have you on our rapidly expanding team. Larnie: Thanks, Steph! I’m an 18-year old Horham local. I have always loved everything beauty, hair and fashion - ever since i was a little girl. In true style, my first word was “shoes” haha. I love travelling, and hope to travel around Australia once I’m a fully qualified hairdresser.

Steph: Haha very true Larnie style, kicking off your love for shoes! The big-loop will be an incredible experience. You’re in your final year of your apprenticeship, what has been the most memorable moment so far?

Larnie: Yes - can’t wait! I love doing foils. The first time I did them was on my mum and was very special to share that part of my career with her, and show her what I have been working towards. Also, when I came to Steph Meyer & Co was a big highlight. I think moving salons and the experience of working in a more relaxed salon has made me love the industry more so.

Steph: I agree, I think the vibe here is great for our crew and that reflects in our service to our clients. You came to us at the end of your second year of your apprenticeship, what drove you to make a change in workplace mid-apprenticeship?

Larnie: The idea of moving mid-apprenticeship was a nerve-racking decision, particularly because my previous employer gave me the start in the industry, and I’m very grateful for that. Steph and I hadn’t met prior but would always keep up with everything the SM&CO team posted on socials. I really admired the work of the team with impeccable results every time; I thought you [Steph] and the salons were so cool! The biggest decider was the exclusive studio - I love the idea of doing one client at a time.

Steph: We hope all of the nerves have settled because we love what you’re bringing to the team. What was it that influenced you decision to pursue a hairdressing apprenticeship?

Larnie: Like many, especially in Victoria/Melbourne, I really struggled with high school through COVID. I have always love doing hair and super interested in beauty so when the opportunity came up [at my old salon] I jumped at it. I was very grateful and am still very thankful that I took the opportunity. I can’t really imagine doing anything else.

Steph: Hahaha… let’s explore that! If you weren’t a hairdresser you’d be…

Larnie: Haha hmmm… I think I would probably be at Uni studying to be a teacher. I love kids so think Primary School teaching would’ve been great but for someone who hated school and studying, probably wouldn’t have worked out hahaha

Steph: You can get your “kid-fix” by teaching Charlotte your knowledge haha. So, you’ve got a year to go until you’re qualified - what are you most looking forward to when you finish?

Larnie: It would be my pleasure haha. I think I’m most looking forward to stepping up in the salon; Being more confident, building my clientele and not having to do the drive up to trade school!

Steph: Hahaha.. Fair call! C’mon, what’s your go-to song when you’re making the drive?

Larnie: Easy! Anything by Ariana Grande!

Steph: Who is your ultimate hair idol? Like, if you could style anyone, or someone whose hair you admire - who would it be?

Larnie: Sarah Emalia! She is a Bondi-based stylist, thought leader and owner of Sarah Jade Hair & Haircare. I love watching and learning from her tiktok’s on how she consults her clients and her work is amazing! Girl crushing - she has extensions that make her hair look so long and luscious!

Steph: Yes!!! I following her too! Is she how you keep up to date with trends? Where or who else do you find inspiration for trends?

Larnie: Her but I could (and, do!) literally spend hours scrolling through hair tiktok’s and reels but also from the SM&CO team here in Horsham, especially the one-on-one training sessions.

Steph: So far, what is your number one piece of advice when it comes to haircare?

Larnie: So far, I think my biggest tip that I’ve learnt is - don’t go to sleep with wet hair. The hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet, and when you sleep, the friction caused from your pillow can cause breakage. Steph: Great tip! To add to that [for the readers] bamboo pillow cases can help soften the damage and remove excess moisture but it’s still not ideal. In terms of haircare, what do you get asked the most from clients? And what is the answer?

Larnie: Being specialists in blonde & balayage, I’m often asked how to keep their hair nice and blonde at home between appointments! And the answer is to use a detox shampoo at home, we have our preferred brand, BlondMe on the website - BlondMe Detox Shampoo. This is in addition to a cool shampoo. This combination will help keep your hair looking bright without going dull or brassy.

Steph: Perfect! And, to wrap it up, I always like to finish with the golden question -why us, SM&CO?

Larnie: Through conversations with our team, I have noticed that we all have the common denominator of “doing one client at a time”. While this might seem like a “standard reply”, for hairdressers and stylists, what I’m gathering is that the industry has been worked to the bone - rushing and diluting the service. I am part of an industry change and movement by working with you [Steph] and the team. You’re literally driving the change for hairdressers to come to work loving what they do and wanting to be there. And it shows! I haven’t come across one client who hasn’t left without a smile.

Being an apprentice, it has been amazingly beneficial for me to really take my time and make sure my work is the best it can be. After-all, I am still learning. The relaxed vibe here [Steph Meyer & Co} makes coming to work so fun by genuinely taking an interest and getting to know our clients.

Steph: I love that! I love when everyone shares my original vision and passion. It makes such an incredible difference and gives me the warm & fuzzies knowing the modern-salon take is working for everyone, so thank you.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Larnie, visit our website. While the lovely Larnie is on the road to her qualification, we are offering limited discounted appointments.

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