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Sophie is one of our hair stylist at the Horsham location. She has been hairdressing for about 12 years, so we thought we would interview her and shed some light on her experience!

Hi Sophie, when did you know you wanted to be a hairdresser?

Hi Steph! Oh, ever since I can remember; I Always wanted to be a hairdresser when I was a little girl and my passion for hairdressing has grown more everyday then when I started. I love it!

That definitely shines through in your work! Every client leaves the salon with a work of art. What do you love about working with us at Steph Meyer & Co?

My favourite thing working at Steph Meyer & Co is the inviting atmosphere. The one-on-one care gives a really homely feel that doesn’t really compare to anywhere I’ve previously worked. I really appreciate getting to know each of the ladies who come to see us and going on their hair journey with them.

If you were to tell us what you think a ‘great salon’ is, what would you say?

A ‘great salon’ to me is a great team working environment, inviting for clients and staff and always being challenged to learn more.

12 years is a fairly good stint at hairdressing – you must have some great stories and accomplishments; can you share a particular moment that was a highlight?

Gosh, time goes so quickly! It doesn’t feel like 12 years have past but a particular moment for me that I was pretty proud of myself was when I was runner up Apprentice of the Year – the early glory was so motivating and really cemented that I had made the right career decision.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you follow magazines or hairdressers?

I get a lot of inspiration on styles and colours from Instagram and Pinterest – mainly, the accounts I follow are also hairdressers. However, I think it’s great that SM&CO encourage client’s to bring in images from our own Instagram and have prior conversations to their appointment so we can get the most from their session.

Has anyone come in with a celeb image and said ‘make me look like this’? Or, have you worked on a celebrity’s hair?

I haven’t worked on a celeb but I would love to work on Nicole Kidman’s so I can meet Keith haha

Thank you for your time Sophie. We have loved getting to know you!

If you’re interested in making an appointment with Sophie and getting to know her – book her at the Horsham location.

Till next time,

SM&CO xoxo


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