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Meet the Bubbly Brittany

As some of you may know, we hired the brilliant Brittany in January - but we haven’t formally introduced her on the blog - how rude of us! So here we are - SM&CO formally wants to introduce you to the latest incredible hair stylist at the Horsham salon.

Steph: Hey Britt! Let’s chat so our readers can get to know the cute, knowledgeable & bubbly hair stylist! Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from? How long have you been a hairdresser?

Brittany: OOOO this sounds like fun! I’m 22 years old, I’m from Horsham - born & bred! This is my eighth year in the hair dressing industry - sixth year full time.  I started as a Salon Assistant when I was 14 years old - working after school. Then I started my apprenticeship when I was 16 [years old] and I have now been qualified for three years.

Steph: Not long until you’ll be celebrating a milestone 10 years - how good! What’s your inspiration for becoming a hairdresser?


Brittany: To be honest when I was younger, I never wanted to be a hairdresser. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do! But I had ideas of studying dance/musical theatre or beauty therapy. The salon that I worked at previously were great; everyone was so inviting and I loved how hands on I could be as a Salon Assistant.

My boss was so passionate and loved for us ‘young ones’ to learn. The staff and clients were so trusting for me to practice as a first year apprentice. So, I feel like I was inspired by everyone around me to take on the apprenticeship and be a hairdresser.



Steph: Is that where you get your salon dance-moves inspo? haha Tell us - what do you think you’re best at [hairdressing skill]?


Brittany: I don’t know if I’m the best at anything in particular. Every client is so different with their inspirations and how their hair will take to a style. I believe it honestly comes down to consultation - and really making sure you and the client are on the same page.


Social media can create such high expectations these days; it’s important to educate your client on what may or may not work for them. Sometimes I think I might over-educate clients hahaha but colour wise, I love doing all things balayage. I love how it can be so versatile; being super soft/ natural and also can be high impact but still grows out super soft.


Steph: Well, you have a point there; you’re pretty brillant at your job! Almost like it comes naturally; so, if you weren’t a hairdresser what would you have been?


Brittany: If I wasn’t a hairdresser I would most likely be a beauty therapist. I’ve always been really into skin care and makeup. I’ve considered in the future to potentially study beauty but we will see.


Steph: OOO that would be cool; maybe an industry expansion for SM&CO down the line - our very own in-house beauty therapist!


Brittany: Haha well I do love that at SM&CO I work with one client at a time.


Steph: Same-same but different haha. I have to ask then, what’s your favourite thing about working with us? (You left the opportunity way too open hahaha).


Brittany: Colour work has changed through the years; it’s not just traditional foils and a base colour any more. A lot of my clients have balayage and/or root stretch toners which takes a lot more time and more technique is involved. Doing the one client allows me and my client to not feel rushed within their colour service and I can really have the time to personalise their colour work - especially without the stress.



Steph: That’s what we’re here for!!! I tend to ask about colouring clients but what about you; If you could rock any colour, length or style what would you choose?


Brittany: I would do like a brown copper/ copper medium and maybe lob my hair to collar bone… Hmmm maybe even above the shoulders if I’m feeling courageous. I’ve actually been wanting to do this for about three years now but I’ve been too scared haha.


Steph: OOOO should we do it???


Brittany: HA! I have fine, fragile hair so taking my hair back to blonde would be a process. If I could do it in one go, I’d definitely not blink an eye.


Steph: Well, you’d rock it! And that’s why we have some awesome products to help. What hairdressing product/tool do you think is the best invention yet? I.e. dry shampoo, conditioner, a certain hair dryer etc?


Brittany: That’s true! I think the best invention yet are bond-building products like OLAPLEX , BRAZILIAN BOND BUILDER or K18. LIFE CHANGING!!!! They ensure the integrity of the hair is as strong and healthy as possible on your blonde journey. Definitely worth looking into these products and using them at the start of your journey as I believe it’s better it prevent that to compromise / damage and try to fix


Steph: Truly lifechanging!! For the readers following - We use Brazilian Bond builder at SM&CO . For more information send us an email or DM. Bit of a cheeky one - what are your pet-hates or “I wish they wouldn’t do that” for clients? hahaha…


Brittany: It’s not really a “pet hate” or “I wish they wouldn’t do that” but if clients can try look at inspiration photos being as close to their natural base colour as possible so they can see what is more achievable for their hair. Also to keep in mind that some stylist use extensions for volume and thickness and the way it’s styled can play a big factor into how the colour looks.

Steph: That’s very sound advice! So, in addition to that, how do you prefer your clients to arrive at the salon?


Brittany: I prefer clients to be like 3 mins early haha (If I think I’m going to run a little bit behind I usually message my next about 45 mins- an hour before to give them a heads up so they can do any jobs and things before they come.)


Some people have a lot more hair than we think or take a little bit longer to process so I apologise if I ever do run a little bit behind but I’ll always give you as much notice as I can . If clients are going to run late, it’s great when they text us and give us a heads up of an estimated time of arrival;  We may not be able to do their full service but we will try our best to accommodate with how much time is left for their service - whether we only do doing partial foils, no cut/ blow dry, just doing a toner or just a hair cut instead. Having cleanish hair is great and to have a rough idea with what they want to do with their hair.



Steph: I love when clients text! It gives us even more of a drive to strive to communicate as best as possible! Anyway, moving on! Hahaha I love this question, well, not really a question more than…. Debunk the biggest hair myth you’ve heard.


Brittany: OOOOO that’s a fun one!! I would have to say - “The dirtier the hair, the better”

I honestly would prefer the hair cleaner as we have products that can add grit, texture and hold to the hair. If someone comes in with oily hair there’s only so much dry shampoo and other products can do (unless your inspiration is that Kim K wet / slicked back look)


Steph: Haha well it’s an infamous look! It’s been so fun to take some time to catchup and put this together. We hope by now you [our readers] feel like you have had a good intro to our bubbly, brilliant Brittany. But before we go, there’s one last question I want to know… Why did you want to work for SM&CO?


Brittany: It’s been super fun - like a magazine interview with my bestie hahaha I wanted to work at SM&CO because I always looked up to Steph as a stylist, I worked with her at my previous salon before she moved to Melbourne and I remember thinking “ I wanna be like Steph one day”.

I loved the idea of doing one client at a time and Steph also having the Melbourne salon allowed me to have the opportunity to work a few days here and there at the Melbourne salon.

“Specialise” is a self given title but being a “Blonde Specialist” would really allows me to perfect my knowledge and techniques in all things blonde and keep my passion alive with what I love to do. I’d also been at my previous salons since I was 14 so I wanted to step out of my conform zone and try and experience new ways / products and to expand my knowledge.

Steph: Thanks again Britt!!! If you’d like to book an appointment with Brittany at our Horsham location here is the link

Until next time our darling readers, Steph, Britt and the team xoxo


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