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Picture Perfect Blonde

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Wondering how to photograph your hair to get the perfect pic for the ‘Gram’ and master that picture-perfect blond? 

Social Media is the perfect place to show off the gorgeous colour details in your hair. Still, there’s an art to it, especially for blondes! 

Did you know there is such a thing as a hair photographer? It makes sense really because hair styling and products are used so much in advertising!

You don’t need to be a pro, though, because we’ve got the top tips for how to take the perfect picture to ensure your blonde doesn’t look brassy or dull but bright and beautiful. 

  1. Lighting is everything! Natural light is the best for showing up your beautiful blonde as it reflects the colour the best. Still, if you are indoors, a pure white background can help achieve the same look and really lets your hair colour stand out. 

  2. Give it a spray: a light sheen of hairspray helps to reflect the light onto your hair to highlight detail in photos – don’t spray too much though, you don’t want it to look oily in real life! We recommend Schwarzkopf Otis Texture Spray. 

  3. It's all about the textures. If your hair is clean before styling it for your pic, add some texture spray and volume with some beachy curls. It will hold and look better while you’re photographing. 

  4. Ok, sometimes clean is best. Schwarzkopf BlondMe Shampoo & All Blonde conditioner followed by BlondMe Mask will give you an incredible softness that will shine through the camera lens. But make sure camera lens is not smudged, so your photo doesn’t come out grainy.

  5. Express your creativity! Try different angles, lights, and locations, although if you’re taking and before and after, use the same ones for continuity. Don’t be afraid to take lots of shots to capture your unique style!

The great thing about photographing hair is that if you get the steps above right, you don’t need to use a lot of filters or pieces of equipment for your photos to look amazing. 

Professional hair photographers taking photos for salon websites or advertising will, of course, want to use fancier equipment to enhance their shots and use editing programs to make subtle changes. For social media pictures, a light-ring can be super handy, adding the perfect light using adjustable settings. Head outside with your smartphone for natural light, and to find an impressive background. iPhone & androids have the technology embedded so you can concentrate more on your angles and less on adjusting the camera settings.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun with your pics! 

What are your go-to tips for an Insta-worthy hair shot?


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