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Read This Before Your Next Hair Appointment

Come prepared

If you want a successful haircut or colour, it pays to be organised. Here are five things to do before you book your session.

Know your texture

Consider texture first, even before you consider face shape. If you choose a hairstyle that works with your hair texture, you won't have any problems styling it.

Consider your lifestyle

If you have 30 seconds to style your hair in the morning but your new cut takes 30 minutes to prep, you'll wind up disappointed. So be honest with your stylist and have a really thorough lifestyle consultation with your hairdresser.

Come psyched

Impulse haircutting can bring about post-appointment angst so make sure you think the process over. You need to be mentally prepared for the change.

Be prepared to listen

If your colourist says no, it's probably for your benefit. Listen to your hairdresser, not social media. Sometimes it's impossible to achieve a requested outcome.

Bring images

If there's a celeb whose hair you covet, It's good to have reference.

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