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The Beautiful Laura

Hello again from Steph and the team,

Well, it’s that time again – lockdown number five. Are we all used to it yet? Will we ever get used to it? I’m not sure… In the spirit of connecting with people, even in lockdown, we thought we would chat with one of our St Kilda clients, Laura. Please let us introduce to you, the beautiful Laura.

Hey Laura, thanks so much for joining us and sharing a bit of insight about your experiences with us! Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come to hear about, and visit Steph Meyer & Co?

Hey Steph, thanks for having me! My first contact with Steph was actually on Instagram. Steph followed me and at the time I wasn’t happy with my hairdresser. I followed her back and was super intrigued by her account. It was fate! Haha

Haha, I thought the same about your account, it was definitely fate. Do you remember what kind of state your hair was in when you first visited?

I remember thinking it was relatively healthy (or so I thought!)

I remember our first appointment, it was pretty damaged but it didn't take us long to turn that around!

What were you expecting when you first walked into SM&Co?

Umm... That’s a good question. I never expect too much when I’m trying something new – but it’s safe to say I was blown away by your service.

Well, I guess you keep coming back, so have to be doing something right, hey? Hahaha… Jokes, Aww, that’s nice to hear, thank you! Did you come with a preconceived idea of how you wanted your hair to look?

Yes and no… I knew I wanted my hair to be a creamy and natural blonde. [ke1] I remember going through the Steph Meyer & Co Instagram, saving images I liked and showing them to you as a guide on which blonde I preferred. It took a few sessions for my low lights to fade out from my previous hairdresser but literally every single time I’ve walked out of Steph Meyer & Co, I haven’t been able to wipe

the smile from my face.

Oh, you! Haha Honestly, that warms my heart; That’s exactly why I do what I do. Also, Instagram and Pinterest are great tools to use when trying to find hair inspo, and super handy for us to see what you’re into. So, your first visit must’ve been a couple of years ago now?

Yep, around two and a half! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else now.

We love seeing you, so we hope not haha. What do you love about coming in?

I love how personable and easy-going you and the girls are. You all make it so easy to spend three hours with someone – it’s more like a friend is doing your hair, which is really nice. I mean, obviously, your service is 12/10 hahaha… but honestly, I couldn’t recommend SM&Co more – and I do recommend you to everyone HAHA.

Ha, well of course 😉 and we appreciate you spreading the word and supporting our small business. Can you think of any kind of service that you would love to see from our team, that we don’t currently offer?

Not personally, no. I think the pre-appointment information is great for this. It really gives you an opportunity to discuss what you’re after and personalises your service. I think it also gives you and the team to decide whether you can achieve what a client is asking for.

Yeah, that’s very true. It also gives us an opportunity to suggest alternatives if we feel a look might be, say, too damaging to a client’s hair. So, the big question hahaha… Can you rate SM&Co out of 10? 10 being the highest…

Hahaha… Big question but easy to answer - 10!!! I never want to get my hair done anywhere else, ever!

Hahaha... and we don't want you to go anywhere else!! Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Laura. It's always nice to reflect on our special times with our clients.

Steph has officially stopped doing hair and is going on maternity leave very soon. If you’d like to book an appointment with the team at either St Kilda or Horsham follow the links. But before we go, we are very excited to share a feature article about our new Horsham location, from Hair Biz Magazine – Dream Big.


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