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The Vibe, The Culture, The Job.

As a client, do you wonder what it’s like to work at the business you’re visiting? The vibe and culture can often affect whether you have an enjoyable or unenjoyable experience. But, more often than not, you have to assume what it’s like; as if you were with your girlfriend’s people watching on Chapel Street, and orchestrating stories of couples you see on a date. Let’s see if you got the story right at Steph Meyer & Co.


Breanna, you’ve been a stylist at Steph Meyer & Co – St Kilda for eight-months now, let’s remanence on when you first met Steph, and what attracted you to applying to work there…

Breanna: I first met Steph at a Schwarzkopf Blonde BootCamp workshop she was running for industry professionals. I was intrigued by how different she did things compared to me. I loved her modern ideas of operating and running a salon. I saw the potential to grow my skills and career, that I approached Steph after the class and asked if she was hiring. Unfortunately, at the time, she wasn’t. She asked me to stay in contact and nine-months later she invited me in for an interview.


Wow, nine-months. That’s quite a build-up of time to stay connected and excited about the possibility of working there. Talk us through your feelings & emotions of your interview

Breanna: Steph has a very caring nature. She’s very easy to talk to, which made my interview very easy. I got to meet the other staff member and had a tour of the studio before I started the job, to make sure it was a good fit. The only thing that made me nervous was the change of pace. I came from a very busy, fast-paced salon. But I knew working with one client at a time would allow me to perfect everything I do. It took a little bit to adjust but I enjoy my job day-to-day so much more and without any stress.


Congratulations on landing your position! Worth the wait? How was the training process, and learning from Steph? Is there a specific highlight that she has taught you?

Breanna: Hahaha absolutely worth the wait! During my first few months, Steph walked me through everything she knows about blondes colouring. My biggest take away was doing free hand balayage using a low peroxide to clean out and brighten old colour through the end of hair, rather than bleach baths. It's much less harmful on the hair and you have a lot more control with colour placement and desired amount of lift.


Aside from the technical part to your job, what is your favourite thing about working at Steph Meyer & Co?

Breanna: I love that SM & Co is a modern salon. The services and practices we’ve implemented mean we strive to be unique and creative, in our own way. My clients allow me to do to on-trend, high-fashion colours and styles everyday which is definitely a huge selling point for me!


Being a cosy, luxury-style salon where clients are more like friends than clients, do you feel like there is room for career progression?

Breanna: Definitely! When I started, Steph asked me to set a six-month and one-year plan that clearly mapped out what I wanted to achieve. At six months we reviewed my plan together which was a great way to reflect on how far I’d come, and celebrate my wins. The best win was that I had built up my clientele to full-time hours. Steph is super encouraging of career growth and sees my potential long term. Steph: Breanna has come so far since meeting her. Her ability to learn new things so quickly and adapt, made it an easy decision to crown her Queen B of the St Kilda salon after just five months. We started her training in November and she has been the manager since January. It’s a huge advantage for me to feel comfortable leaving the studio in Breanna’s trustworthy hands, especially while I’m not there, or concentrating on opening the Horsham location.


It sounds like you guys have built a really strong foundation! Can you describe the environment? How does the SM&Co team come up with/ implement new ideas? Are your suggestions taken on-board?

Breanna: Steph and I have very open conversations. Our ability to communicate is definitely a strong point of ours. I freely throw around ideas all the time. She shows interest in my ideas and takes them on, when she sees fit. Steph brings me along every step of the way and asks my opinion often. I really appreciate and respect her for that, it makes me feel really valued.


Do you feel like each team member plays to their strengths, like, what they enjoy doing most in the studio?

Breanna: Steph knows my passion is with blonde colouring and event styling, so that's what we aim to fill my days with most!

Breanna, thanks for your time and insight into working at Steph Meyer & Co. ​Breanna: My pleasure.


So, you’ve heard it first-hand! Is the story you had put together accurate? Comment below and let us know. If you’re in the industry, a blonde specialist and looking for a new scene, we’re looking for a new team member in our St Kilda location. Head over to out instagram post to find out more information, and to apply.

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