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Three New Year Resolutions Ideas For Your Hair Salon

New Year's resolutions are a great way to start fresh and to get focused on your business goals for the year.

Let's start new habits that will not only make your clients appreciate you more, but will also help you build your business and make you more money!

Here are my 3 New Year resolutions.

#1 - I will keep my clients and build my clientele! New clients that come into the salon and sit in your chair are looking for a place to call home. They are tired of searching. Clients are looking for you to be bigger, better and different. It is up to you to deliver great service and professionalism and exceptional customer care. A great way to keep a new client is through consistent, regular follow up. Clients who pre-book can maintain their look with timely visits; pre-booking ensures future business for you. If they do not want to set one up before they leave, ask them if they would like a reminder a week before they are due for another visit. Write down all the clients you need to call in your planner and MAKE the calls! Communicate with the front desk team and let them know that you will need mailing addresses for your clients. The front desk team can make sure to get all of the client's information when booking their appointments or at the end of their visit. Be creative when you send cards or notes and do not limit them to new clients only. Send them to clients that you haven't seen in a while! You can also send out notes to your best clients; —those who refer new clients to you, always purchase products, and pre-book their appointments. Do not forget about them these clients are your foundation and are critical to building your clientele! Send them customer loyalty and referral incentives to show your appreciation. If you happen to know your client's birthday, mail a birthday card too.

#2 - I will attend more educational classes & share my knowledge! The salon industry is constantly changing! You need to stay up-to-date on all the latest hairstyles, trends, fashions, and products.

I believe education is the key to remaining relevant within our industry. Through educating myself and focusing on continuous learning, I can then share my knowledge with others, helping them to achieve and surpass their goals. Even now after 8 years I am still constantly learning and evolving.

#3 - I will utilize my time productively and execute my plan efficiently! Don't get sucked into the "backroom blues". Complete what you set out to do. Utilize your time efficiently. Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more! What gets practiced gets repeated and you will form new habits for success. Break free from old patterns especially those that did not help you accomplish your goals last year.

To ensure that you are focusing on the right resolutions for your business, create a marketing plan. Having a step-by-step plan of your business will allow you to see the areas your business needs to improve and the areas that you want to improve.

Start off the New Year right and you will see how fast your business can grow.

Now let’s make the next 12 months the very best your salon has ever seen!

If you have any tips on business goals and resolutions comment below.


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