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Trust #HairGoals

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

One of the most nerve-racking things about a new stylist is knowing if you can trust them to do the perfect job. There is nothing more heartbreaking than walking into the hair salon or studio excited about the “perfect look” in your head and then walking out feeling completely deflated and disappointed.

Trust is to be earned; we totally understand! And trust us (😉) when we say, the last thing we want is to disappoint you.

So, in saying that, here’s how we take a few extra steps to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your experience with us. And of course, start building the trust early for a long-lasting relationship.

Let’s start at the beginning.

You’ve probably found SM&Co on the internet, namely, social media… unless you’ve been so graciously referred by one of our amazing clients (more on that later!). When you reach out, we love to get to know a little bit about you. We’ll send you an email or give you a call to confirm your appointment and have a brief chat to make sure we’re all on the same #HairGoals page.

Before you come, think about and consider -

1. Your hair

Is your hair thick, thin, curly, straight – what style is best to suit your natural texture. Generally speaking, most ladies want a cut that is low maintenance and easy to style, without damaging the hair too much.

2. What hairstyle is best for your lifestyle We all have the days where a blow dry or straightener is too much to digest!

If you have 30 seconds to style your hair in the morning but your new cut takes 30 minutes to prep, you'll wind up disappointed. So, be honest with us – we can chat through what lengths will work best for you, ideal colour options to manage your “up-keep” budget, the time and sessions to achieve your goal… you get the idea.

3. Be open-minded As a stylist, our job is to listen to what you want for your hair style, then provide you with our technical knowledge to achieve that result. Sometimes it's impossible to achieve a requested outcome but we’ll make damn sure we get as close as possible or make suggestions for something even better!

4. It’s in yours and our best (P)interest Explore Pinterest or Instagram for some inspo and bring it along, keeping in mind the style might be spread across multiple images – and we’re a-okay with that! If you can’t find exactly what you’re after, find a cut image, pick a colour and shade image… Even bring along some hair styles that you like so we can make suggestions on if they will work with your new desired look.

By the time your appointment rolls around, you’ll be feeling comfortable with an exciting expectation and have a fairly good idea of

- How long the appointment will take

- No. of sessions to achieve the colour/shade/tone you’re after

- Price

- What it will take to maintain your look

Now, I bet you’re thinking “you said you’d go back to being referred by an amazing client” – trust me, I didn’t forget! As the saying goes at SM&Co, our clients are more like friends, furthermore, any friend of yours, is a friend of ours. So, during March and April, we are offering a complimentary blow-wave and style* when your friend makes a booking online and pops your name in the “who referred you” section.

And might we say, we’re super excited to expand our SM&Co. Squad!

In the meantime, what is your trusty go-to for new #HairGoals inspo? Share the inspiration, comment below.

*Terms & conditions Valid for any bookings made via until 30th April, 2021. The referred person’s name must be in the “who referred you” section of the booking form. Blow-wave and style is a stand-alone service, and cannot be added to a colour service. Complimentary blow-wave and style must be redeemed by May 21st, 2021. This gift cannot be transferred or redeemable for cash.


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