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Work to live? Live to work?

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you can go to work, enjoy spending your day with wonderful co-workers and then have clients that come in that will sit and relax and treat you as friend as well.

It’s not very often a person can say that ;

1. They enjoy their job/work

2. They want to see the people that they work with for 38hrs a week

3. They have amazing customers/clients

And when you can’t you need to ask yourself why and see if there is a way you can change these things. Here are a couple of reasons why I love being a hair stylist:

1. Consistently learning and educating others:

New techniques, products and information introduce themselves into the beauty industry every day. Seasoned hairdressers are some of the best people to learn from; they offer encouragement and understand the difficulties younger people in the beauty industry face. Each time someone sits in my chair for a consultation or a service, she or he learns something. Topics range from simple shampooing tricks to her or his own beauty and worth.

2. Making people feel beautiful:

The greatest thing about working in the beauty industry is watching your client transform. At the end of some services, they are in awe of themselves and their self-confidence skyrockets. They grin ear to ear and exude happiness. We in the hair industry live for these moments.

3. Having creative freedom:

Most of my clients are laid back - they trust my judgement and give me the “go ahead” to do what I think is best or even allow me to try new techniques and colors. But even the clients who prefer a specific cut, color or style provide me with the opportunity to be creative and sharpen my skills.

4: The Knowledge:

My job is not just mixing some stuff and slapping it on someone’s head or “just” curling hair all day. Success in the hair industry requires extensive knowledge in a multitude of areas. Hair cutting, coloring, styling all involve science, math and art. Coloring involves chemistry. Cutting involves math and art. I know the color wheel like the back of my hand.

5. The Relationships:

Some bonds are unbreakable. The relationships that blossom with fellow stylists and clients are irreplaceable. Many of my friendships started out as stylist-client relationships.

If you wake up and find it hard to find the motivation to get to work (when you can’t just pack up and leave for another job) find the options within that workplace whether it’s talking to someone about changing your roster or workgroup/ office/ location or just simply finding something to look forward to.

If you cannot find a single happy thing then you need to definitely make a change. Do what makes you happy. Work to live! Don’t live to work!


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