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SM&CO Detangling Brush effortlessly glides through thin or thick - wet or dry hair to detangle even the toughest knots leaving it smooth and tangle-free!


Available in beige or black, the light-weight, durable and luxurious SM&CO Detangling Brush is a dream to use.


Bristles Combination of nylon and boar bristles ideal for quickly detangling hair. Vented Head Design guarantees brush is always dry and free of moisture, allowing heat flow for a speedy blow dry. This allows for brush to be used whilst in the shower, detangling after shampooing or conditioning as well as blow drying, allowing heat flow and avoiding trapped water. Heat resistant up to 180°C, the open vented design of this brush channels more hot air to the hair, speeding up drying time.



- In the shower brushing through conditioner or masks

- Detangling wet hair

- Detangling dry hair

- Brushing out curls

- Kids hair (especially if their hair gets knotty)

SM&CO Detangling Brush

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