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5 ways to support local businesses through COVID lockdowns!

Ahhh, COVID lockdown #6 – well that felt like a short commercial break, didn’t it? Here we are again, knowing it all too well. I think one of the hardest things as a small business owner is the lack of notice. Although ours (and many others’) doors aren’t open at the moment, there are some ways you can still show your support – which goes a lot further than you may realise.

As we come out of lockdown tonight in regional Victoria we are still effected by lockdown #6 with out St Kilda studio. Here are 5 ways to support us and other businesses around you at these crazy times.

1. Shop Local Groceries and produce – look for your local butchers, fresh fruit & veg, deli and bakeries and buy from the smaller guys. At the end of all of this, Coles, Woolies and Aldi will survive. The small businesses might not be so lucky. Click for Vic will tell you exactly who in your area can deliver straight to your door!

2. Keep your bookings & be committed Whether it’s a hair appointment, a gym membership or dinner booking – communicate! Hair and beauty – reschedule, don’t cancel. Unsure of a new date? Ask for a voucher or credit note and hold onto it until you do. Gym membership – if you can afford to, continue to pay your membership (if your gym has paused it) Dinner & drinks – reschedule, don’t cancel. Do not, not show without notice. Bookings have never been so essential, and commitment from customers/clients so crucial.

3. Share & review This is an easy one. Jump on your phone (you’re probably reading this on) and review your favourite local businesses on Facebook or Google, or even both! Sharing a review takes a few minutes of your spare time – and let’s face it, we’ve got a bit of it at the moment *laugh face*. It costs you absolutely nothing, it’s a sure-fire way to brighten a small business owners day and encourages new customers.

4. Get takeaway Who here hates cooking? Or maybe you have a fine set of skills like me and even burns toast! Well, now you officially have a free card to order in. Victoria is built on tourism & hospitality – some of the worst hit industries. With no notice of lockdowns, fresh produce is being thrown out or wasted. Buy takeaway from your local eateries. But call them directly. Companies like UberEats and MenuLog charge restaurants fees, going direct to the businesses increases their revenue while reducing their outlay.

5. Online shopping You don’t need to tell me twice to do some online shopping! The internet is full of wonderful things – some places you could find some local and small businesses are Etsy Australia, try heading to some small business Facebook groups like Buy From a Bush Business or head over to Instagram where you can shop your fav brands by clicking on their tagged images. There are also some great accounts showcasing Australia’s talented businesses worth checking out, like Save A Small Business.

Have you got any other tips for our readers? Remember, we are all in this sh*t show together. So, be kind, be safe, be happy and stay home to protect the loved ones of our communities.

Want to start putting these tips into action now? You can share your feedback for Steph Meyer & Co – St Kilda by clicking here or Horsham, here. Alternatively, head over to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see you again soon.

Love, SM&CO


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