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Bust-a-Myth by Steph

10 Hair-Myths – Debunked by Steph

Rumors spread like wildfire, whether these is truth in the rumour is irrelevant. Like rumours, people hear information and pass it on assuming what they’ve heard is in fact true; Next minute we’ve got a huge game of Chinese whispers circulating myths about your hair, and confused women not knowing what to believe!

We are about to set the record straight on 10 hair-myths you may have heard around the traps.

1. Heat causes split-ends

Unfortunately, yes, this is in-fact true. Heat draws the moisture from your hair leaving it unnourished. The scalp produces healthy, hydrated hair. As the hair gets longer, it’s more susceptible to dehydration. Frequent use of heat tools such as a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron, without using the correct protection products can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, which causesthe hair molecules to break and results in split ends. We swear by Bonacure Peptide Repair to help coat the hair with some extra moisture to protect your tresses.

2. Your hair gets used to the same shampoo

It’s true - your hair can get use to the same shampoo. Why is this not ideal? Your hair needs to maintain its moisture to maintain the shine! It’s great to alternate between shampoos that have different formulated functions – for example, some are designed to restore natural hydration where others are a bit stronger to help repair your hair. Once you have finished a bottle, try switching it up to help balance your hair hydration. Our clients alternate between Schwarzkopf BlondMe and Brazilian Bond Builder.

3. Supermarket shampoo brands aren’t good for your hair This is not a myth. Supermarket shampoo brands are not good for your hair. And there are a few reasons for this… Supermarket brands can have hidden ingredients that dilute the product to make them “more affordable”. They often contain silicones that coats your hair and gives it that smooth and soft feeling but it can build up in your hair. If the build-up gets bad, it can have a chemical reaction when bleaching. And lastly, supermarket shampoo brands are generally more detergent-based - so can also strip the colour you’ve invested so much into! If you are going to invest in mastering the colour of your hair, you are better off investing that little bit more to care for it properly at home.

4. You shouldn’t colour your hair while pregnant.

This one is personal preference. We wouldn’t recommend getting bleach on scalp while you’re pregnant because the product is directly on your skin. But foil work and toner are A-Okay. The foils keep the bleach away and minimize chemicals on the scalp and most toners are ammonia-free (especially at Steph Meyer & Co. 😉)

5. You shouldn’t brush your hair when wet

We say, it’s okay to brush your hair when its wet… with the right tool. If you catch yourself with wet tangled hair or unexpectedly hairdryer-less and need to brush your hair when its wet, it is best to use a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser brush. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots and be gentle to avoid breaking your hair. However, it is best to brush your hair when it’s dry, before washing it or going for a swim. If you are swimming, try popping in a leave-in conditioner or conditioner – such as Bonacure Peptide Repair through your hair prior to getting it wet to relieve some of the tangle potential.

6. It is better to dye your hair when it’s dirty

There is a method to the madness! This is true. Applying dye to dirty hair can help protect your scalp from the build-up of natural oils. If your hair is freshly washed, your scalp is quite raw. However, we are busting a hole in the story! If you are getting foils and blonde work, it’s best to have hair on the cleaner side so we can easily section and not have to break through the dirty hair for an even and perfect finish!

7. Blondes have more fun

Damn right they do!

8. Stress causes hair-loss

The one you’ve been impatiently awaiting… This is very true. And it can also be a delayed reaction by the body. You can have a stressful experience which pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a “resting phase”. This means the affected hairs might take six months to fall out, even though you might be feeling better.

9. Purple shampoo works on all hair colours

Consider this myth busted! Purple shampoo won’t do anything to your natural colour or darker colours. Blonde hair has no pigment so when using a purple shampoo, you are adding a “cool” pigment to the hair which helps to remove any brassy tones. Brunettes, redheads or darker shades already contain pigments so attempting to add the cool pigment simply won’t work.

10. Dry shampoo and hair spray are bad for your hair

Not true. They are not bad for your hair. But don’t over-use it and make sure you shampoo your hair a couple of times when washing to avoid getting any build up over time.

So, there you have it. We hope we have addressed any hair-myths you may have heard or given you the knowledge to debunk a Chinese whisper if you happen to hear one of them 😉. Do you have one we may not have covered? Drop us a comment and we’ll be sure to let you know if you’re onto a winner or in need of a bit more info!

Until next time… Steph x


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