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Dos and don’ts of Dry Shampoo

We’d all love to use summer as an excuse for dragging out the hair-washing days, but the truth is life can get away. Dry shampoo is your trusty BFF that soaks up all the oil and adds much needed volume to your dirty hair. When you’ve hit the snooze button too many times, or maybe you’ve got one more gym session for the week, the kids are a bit *cough*demanding, or even trying to extend the life of your blow-wave – it’s dry shampoo to the rescue.

Do keep a bit of distance – at least ten inches, in fact! We’re talking from the aerosol to your hair. Getting any closer will leave residue (white, or coloured - if you’re using a coloured dry shampoo – yes, they make those!) that will have adverse effects and is difficult to remove.

Don’t use just any type – Fine hair calls for a soft approach, we recommend an aerosol dry shampoo; quick drying and the best for adding volume. Medium to thick hair calls for a foam dry shampoo Do you have curly or thick hair? You would probably benefit more from using a dry shampoo powder. More hair, means more oil to soak up – a powder is thorough but won’t weigh your hair down.

Do start at the roots – Oil is produced at the scalp, so it makes sense that is where your hair is most oily. Start spraying at the roots and work your way down, using a comb to section your hair properly. Be sure to stop where your hair feels normal, you don’t want to dry it out. Don’t spray and run, give it some time – Don’t worry, we’re talking no more than a couple of minutes. Dry shampoo is almost instantaneous, but to make sure you’ve applied it properly, we suggest giving it a spray, brush your teeth, then come back to it. This gives it a bit of time to fully develop. Massage into your scalp using your hands to make sure you’re soaking up all the oils, don’t brush or you may need to start again.

Do try the night method – As mentioned, dry shampoo takes a bit of time to fully activate. If you’re looking for a bit of extra volume and texture, consider spraying your hair (using the same method as you would in the morning), before bed. Pop your hair in a loose bun and let the dry shampoo do its thing while you sleep. Any oil produced over night will be soaked up and you can always touch it up in the morning, if needed.

Remember, dry shampoo doesn’t actually clean your hair, it’s all about the quick fix. The starch and alcohol absorb the oil in your hair making it look cleaner. Be sure to give you hair a thorough wash when you can. Avoid everyday use of dry shampoo as it can cause your hair to

• Become more susceptible to breakage

• Prevent normal skin cell production

• Clog your hair follicles

So, what’s a safe balance? We recommend no more than once or twice a week.

Thanks for tuning in. Our next edition is a special one – we’ve put a bit of extra “love” into it and will most definitely be sharing the love. Can you guess what we might be talking about? Take a guess, comment below.


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