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How to create hairstyles to last

Salon secrets - tips and tricks to prolong the salon-perfect hairstyles – at home and fresh from the salon.

Why does my hair never hold or last as long as it does when I get it done at the salon? – A salon’s best-kept secret, or so you might think. Creating hairstyles to last is a combination of a couple of different things, namely – products, equipment and technique. Keen to know more? Keep reading…

1. LESS hairspray – salt spray instead

Hairsprays can be heavy on your hair, particularly if you have thin or fine hair. A salt spray has similar molecules that hold the hair in place, without the weight, not to mention chemicals that can make your hair feel dirty or oily. Spray lightly before drying or styling.

2. High-quality, ironising technology i.e. hairdryer

Ironising technology helps to keep the moisture in your hair, making it feel and look softer with a smoother finish, compared to that of a normal hairdryer. It helps to reduce the hair’s surface tension and leave the hair less prone to tangles. However, a common mistake people make when blow-drying their hair at home is that they do it when the hair is soaking wet. Leave your hair dry naturally, or run a cool hairdryer through your hair – this will decrease the chance of frizzy or flat-falling hair. The heat applied will go directly towards holding the style, rather than just getting your hair to the point of dryness.

We personally love Evy Hot Tools if you’re in the market for a new, amazing ironising hairdryer!

3. Dry shampoo

Similar to salt spray, dry shampoo can be a wonder to help hold your hair in place without the heaviness of a full spray. But, as we all know, is also amazing for drawing out having to wash your hair as often. If you’ve just come home from the salon and want to prolong the style, dry shampoo is your bestie. Hot tip - if you get caught out without dry shampoo, arrowroot powder is a great alternative. For tips on how to best use dry shampoo,

4. Blotting paper

Have you ever heard of, or used blotting paper? Blotting paper, or sometimes known as bibulous paper, is the paper we use with clips to hold a style while it sets, often used when we curl or create a wavy look. It’s a highly absorbent and effective cotton paper that easily removes oils and grease without jeopardising volume or style. To prolong your style, gently dab the paper on your roots – this will push out the need to wash your hair.

Handy hint - it’s also great to hold your hair from your face while you’re doing make-up so you don’t indent the hair with clips or ties.

5. Texturising dust

Texturising dust is perfect for all hair types. It provides a strong hold without the oiliness or grease some hairsprays leave on your hair – and hold without the crunchy hairspray look.

6. Bamboo pillowcases

Did you know that bamboo bedding is great for your hair and skin? Bamboo is highly breathable (yep, even more so than cotton) - this means less sweating when you sleep = less sweat/oil in your hair, it draws moisture away from your body. The soft, smooth texture keeps your hair from going frizzy or getting tangled, unlike a coarse cotton fabric. Over time, the friction from cotton bedding can leave your hair more damaged which of course, will affect the look and feel of your hair in the morning. Not great if you want to keep your style looking fab as long as possible!

Well, there you have it! The secrets are out. Tune in for the next SM&Co blog on how to deal with thinning hair. We’ll chat about hair fibres and the best colours to use (if any).

Until then, Steph & Co



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