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Summer Lovin' it went brassy so fast!

We all know what that means - some seriously dry, frizzy and discoloured tones - hot huh? (pun intended)

Fortunately, this horrific situation can be resolved with a few handy steps.

Summer means holidays, so it's only fair to give your hair a holiday too. Rock the "I've just come from the beach" look. Whether that's from a bottle or the actual beach - we're not ones to judge *cough* Schwarzkopf Salt Spray.

To perfect this look, let your hair dry naturally - shock horror!! You heard right... But hear me out. Naturally drying means no extra heat burning the natural oils from your cuticles and nutrients produced by your scalp - which, let's face it have already been stripped more than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike achieving your perfect blonde.


Unfortunately, your perfect blonde has a low melanin concentration, a dark pigment which absorbs UV rays. As a result, golden blonde tends to go dull, as well as turn yellow.

Protect it with Matrix Keratindose Renewal leave-in conditioner before and after trips to the beach and wear a wide-brim hat, scarf or a cap to protect it from direct UV rays.


The colour purple is often associated with devotion and magic... Devoted blondes will find the magic Schwarzkopf BlondME Toning Shampoo. Purple toning shampoo that is sulphate-free will keep your hair from drying out. The purple counteracts the orange-yellow tones temporarily takes the brass colour from the strands - easy as that!It's best to use a purple shampoo at least once a week to maintain blonde locks, increasing or decreasing the usage based on your ideal shade and tone.


Hot = dehydrating. By washing your hair in a hot shower opens the cuticles. Finish your wash with cool water which works to close the hair cuticles, reducing fade and adding shine. Washing your hair less will keep the colour longer. Hair oils are a great remedy to increase hydration. Try using an oil overnight while you sleep to add some extra moisture and protection. Schwarzkopf BlondMe Masks deep repair mask or deep conditioning treatment will help restore the moisture lost during the colouring process. Restoring moisture is essential to avoid brittle ends and breakage.

Remember there are 'blonde' products for a reason, it's not just a marketing ploy! Make sure you get advice from your stylist or feel free to contact us at Steph Meyer & Co.

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