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Tips - Styling Your Own Hair.

When it comes to styling your own hair watch what your hairstylist does in the salon. Do you notice when someone else does it it lasts longer? There are reasons why it lasts and a lot of the time its very simple techniques or products.

Prep is key. If you take time to blow-dry your hair and smooth the cuticle it will last longer, even if you plan on curling or adding texture.

I use Schwarzkopf Sea Salt spray and Repair Rescue Seal The Ends to prep my wet hair, the salt spray gives it texture/volume and the cream protects and keeps the ends hydrated. Once I have blow-dried smooth with a round brush I either straighten or curl my hair with my Evy Professional iron. To style my hair at the end I use Schwarzkopf Powder Cloud which is a texturing dust, I put it on my roots and all through my hair to give it volume and hold.

These 3 products are definitely my must have styling products and my go to style for lob length hair is a beachy wave.

What are you favourite styling products and whats your go to hair style?

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