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Washed or unwashed hair- how to come to your appointment

There are two types of people – the ones who wash their hair to attend the hairdressers and the ones who hold out for a week, which one are you? Neither is necessarily bad or incorrect, but there is a bit of a formula behind it depending on your hair type. So, read on to know which type of visitor you should be.

Curly or Frizzy

Come on in with your hair on the smoother side, it makes it easier for us to colour as the cuticles of the hair are smoother. What do we mean by “smoother side”? Please make sure your hair is dry and brushed, blow waved or straightened.

Verdict: Washed

Normal hair

Unless you’re coming in for a cut only, we don’t generally like week-old dirty hair. We’re not saying a full wash and blow dry/style on the day is necessary but relatively clean is best.

Verdict: Washed


If you’re coming in for a colour, the natural oils on your scalp help protect the skin from the bleaching chemicals. We recommend leaving your hair unwashed for up to a week before your appointment. However, if your hair is naturally oily, maybe give it 2-3 days.

Verdict: Unwashed

Touch-up, foils or balayage

Although we are generally using bleach for touch-ups, foils and balayage, it’s not as scalp-intensive as an all-over colour. So, keep your hair type in mind but generically speaking, clean is best.

Verdict: Washed

Oily hair

Hair that gets oily quickly usually means an excess of oil. An excess of oil can create a guard that will affect the colour developing properly.

Verdict: Washed

Soft hair

If your hair is really soft and thin but doesn’t get oily, a wash 3 -4 days before your appointment is perfect. Verdict: Washed

Have we missed your hair type, or have a direct question and would like a personal response? Drop us a comment or DM and we’ll be more than happy to answer it for you.

Until next time,

Steph Meyer & Co.



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