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Welcome to the next generation of business owners and decision makers - Millennials

Business Culture Is Changing At The Hands Of Millennials

Over the past decade, our business landscape has shifted dramatically as a result of a new generation of business leaders stepping up and taking control.

Some of the greatest and most profitable businesses today are owned or operated by decision makers younger than 35.

Many millennials do not have the same workplace expectations of working a 9-5 job but that does not mean they are not working hard. Millennial business owners value flexibility and a balance between work and personal life – measurement is based on output not input.

It is important to recognize that millennials are quickly growing up. Too many businesses have the perception that this group is still at university or still studying. In reality, the millennial generation is the largest group in the workforce right now. These young adults are reaching their peak earning years and are changing the business landscape as much as they are changing the social, digital and tech worlds.

We are changing the business world. #millennialmovement

I still have to pinch myself every now and then. Now living in Melbourne with Jason and our baby Denver (dog) and at 24 owning my own studio.

I truly believe life is all about choices and putting your self in a position to win.

"I am not lucky, I take advantage of every opportunity and I work really really hard. I see opportunity in everything and everyone and I make choices that will help me get closer to my goals"

Are you a millennial business owner? comment below what you do and how you are changing the world.


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