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Larnie is fully-qualified!

Just four days ago, Larnie completed her apprenticeship and is now a fully-qualified hair stylist. We're are absolutely thrilled for her milestone, and want to say thank you for supporting her, and trusting her in her career journey.

In 2021, the passionate and driven, Larnie joined our team halfway through her apprenticeship. Having been set back by the spicy cough - COVID - she was unable to attend trade school; Yet another annoyance to add to that darned virus!

Further impacting her progression, Larnie began her apprenticeship at a reputable salon with a traditional "butts on seats" concept. What does that mean? It means that the fully-qualified stylists were working on multiple clients during an appointment. Whilst it's not an uncommon practice in the industry - Larnie spent most of her time assisting and not working on her own clients.

When Larnie joined the Steph Meyer & Co family, she was able to focus on her schooling. Her practical learning was transformed as she was able to work on just one client at a time.

And this is the best part; Larnie has finished her apprenticeship two months early!

Larnie has focussed on her work, and evidently, her skills have excelled by working alongside each stylist in the salon instead of assisting them - and without the added pressures of churning through 'butts on seats'.

Originally expected to complete her apprenticeship in December, Larnie has really applied herself. Her determination and dedication to her work is unwavering. Not only has she built a sustainable and loyal customer base, she recently showed initiative in volunteering her time to Horsham Arts Council production - American Idiot. Larnie was one of three stylists for the creative team, head up by our very own Britt who was the creative director. Read more about that here.

American Idiot cast members styled by our very own Britt & Larnie

We are incredibly grateful to have such a talented young go-getter in our Horsham family. Larnie is going to do great things and we couldn't be more proud. Congratulations, Larnie on becoming fully-qualified - two months early!!!!

Thank you for being part of Larnie's growth, and we can't wait to see her shine even brighter in the next phase of her career at Steph Meyer & Co 💖 Check out and follow her

From 16th of October, as she takes the next step in her career, please note that Larnie’s services will have a 25% price increase. Click here to book an appointment.


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