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Our catch-up with Kelly

Last year, we had to let go of one of our own when she made the decision to escape the COVID lockdown and move away from the city. We grieved with Uber Eats, delivery ice cream, soppy best-friend movies and probably a bit too much wine (after all, we were in lockdown!). Now, 12-months later, we have had the pleasure of catching up with Kelly. For those of you who might not know the story of Kelly, we’ll start at the beginning.

Kelly, we’ve missed you!! Can you tell us a bit of background for those who might not be familiar with your wonderful self? When was it that you first started with Steph Meyer & Co- St Kilda?

Hahaha... I’ve missed you guys too! I started working with Steph in October 2019.

What have you been busy doing since we saw you last? At the moment, I’m working as a disability support worker, which I love and find extremely rewarding. I am actually pregnant and expecting my first baby in August! I still do some hair styling at my mum’s home hair salon, which is great, too! Yay, congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting!!! A mini-hairdresser or barber in the making! Haha… Remind us; how did you come to work at Steph Meyer & Co? Steph and I have been close friends for about 10 years. We did our apprenticeships in the same salon; Steph was a year above me. We worked very well together in a salon environment. We also have travelled the world together and have a great bond. I moved to Melbourne from Queensland in 2019 and wanted to get back into hairdressing, after having a two- year break.

During my time in Queensland, I followed Steph’s journey and was super proud of the achievements she made with opening such a successful business in Melbourne. I called her asked if I could come and work for her. And, of course, she said yes! Haha

Two years? That’s a fair amount of time to take out, then return. What did you get up to during your break, and what made you want to return to the industry?

I supported people with autism during my break, though I really missed being creative so that was a big decider for me to get back into the industry.

That’s fair enough! They are very different industries! What attracted you to the studio, and wanting to work with Steph?

I was attracted to the modern techniques Steph uses at her salon. Her colourwork and talent in creating amazing blondes is amazing. I loved that the studio was more of a personalised service for all clients, and not just a rush to get as many clients through the door. I worked on one client at a time, which made my time working for Steph, very stress-free and enjoyable.

What did you specialise in?

I specialised in creating bombshell blondes and balayage.

Can you tell us about a typical day at SM&Co? Sure. I would arrive early at the St Kilda studio to enjoy a coffee and a chat with Steph before the day with clients. I would look at the bookings to get prepared and see what friends were joining us for the day.

We would work on one client at a time which meant we would see about 2 – 3 per day. I loved bonding and interacting with clients throughout the day while creating amazing blonde and balayage hair transformations. There was always a happy, joyful and relaxing vibe in the salon.

What did you enjoy the most about working there? I most enjoyed that working at SM&CO just felt like I was hanging out with my friend all day. Every day we had lots of fun with our clients. Clients are like friends at SM&CO, and that created a relaxed environment that I loved. I really valued the opportunity to learn new techniques and be educated in a new colour range. I really loved the experience I got to have, in all aspects, consider myself a pretty lucky lady!

We’ve heard that Steph is quite the teacher. Is there a key learning you took from your time at SM&Co? Hahaha, that she is! A key learning, I took away from working for Steph was getting educated in a new colour brand and education on new/modern techniques. Things like getting the perfect bright blonde while keeping the hair soft and healthy and I learned new free-hand balayage techniques.

I think we’re secretly still a little dirty at your for leaving (just a little) hahaha. Why did you leave? I was a team member for about 10-months before making the decision to relocate from Melbourne to Geelong, to live with my partner. The move took place during COVID lock-downs, so at the time, I thought it was the best decision for me. Would you work for Steph again? I would absolutely work for Steph again. Maybe one day in the future (if she’ll have me, haha).

Kelly, thanks so much for catching up with us. We miss your beautiful face and bubbly personality around the studio! All the very best with bubs, we can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy.

We hope you have enjoyed our catch up with Kelly, as much as we have. We love welcoming new and old friends to SM&Co – whether we are doing their hair, or they’re joining the team, we pride ourselves on being one big community.

If you’d like to join our community, we are currently hiring stylists for St Kilda and our new Horsham studio. Or, introduce us to one (or more) of your friends for a complimentary blow-wave. Check out the details on our previous blog - #TrustHairgoals

Until next time, our friends.

Steph & Co



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